2022 VAST Trails GPS File for Garmin

2022 VAST Trails GPS File for Garmin

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NEW map file for 2022 season with updated trails! 

NOTE! File will be available for download after the checkout page. You will also receive an email with a download link. The download is a ZIP FILE which you will need to open FIRST. The Zip contains both instructions AND the actual Map file. 


Garmin compatible GPS basemap file with the VAST trail network, parking, businesses etc.

This file is compatible with most Garmin devices. Check your device ahead of time for a folder named “Garmin” with .img files in it. You can add the VAST map to that folder (you just need about 800kb free space), or add it to a microSD card if your device has a slot for expanded memory.


VAST is the only official source for VT snowmobile trail information. We cannot speak to the accuracy of data you might find from other sources.

Trail routes are subject to change at any time due to unexpected trail closures.  Note that not all trails have been mapped with a GPS so there may be inaccuracies within this map in some locations.  Our app and interactive map are updated on a weekly basis. The GPS cards are updated before the start of the season each year.